State Cost Share

The Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Program was developed to help landowners address existing soil and water quality and to implement their agriculture water quality plans.  The best management practices supported by State Cost Share include; heavy use areas, rotational grazing systems, pasture & hay land erosion control, and riparian area protection.

County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP)

Established out of the tobacco settlement agreement in 1998, the CAIP program invest funds to expand current or establish new agricultural products to stimulate net farm income for effected farmers and tobacco impacted communities. CAIP covers a wide variety of agricultural enterprises in its investment areas including; agricultural diversification, small and large animal, farm infrastructure, fencing & on-farm water, forage & grain improvement, on-farm energy, poultry & other fowl, technology & leadership and value added marketing.

Youth Agriculture Incentives Program (YAIP)

YAIP was developed to facilitate a growing need for a specialized program that would benefit youth actively engaged in agriculture.  The focus of the program is on youth developing agriculture projects, as well as strengthening partnerships with school agriculture programs, Cooperative Extension and 4-H/FFA Organizations.

Next Generation Beginning Farmer Pilot Program

The Next Generation Program was developed to facilitate the growing need for a specialized program that would benefit producers engaged in an agricultural operation from 3 to 7 years. This program provides cost sharing opportunites to new producers attempting to grow and expand their farming operations.

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

EQIP is a voluntary conservation program that helps agricultural producers in a manner that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality as compatible goals. EQIP provides financial assistance to help plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resource concerns. EQIP contracts have a maximum term of 10 years and provide landowners with opportunities to improve soil, water, plant, animal, air and related resources on agricultural and private forestland.

Fallen Animal Livestock Removal

Each year the district receives $15,000 in grant money through the State Cost Share Environmental Grant and the Agriculture Development Fund to subsidize the Clark County Fiscal Court’s Fallen Animal Livestock Removal Program. Improper disposal of animal carcasses can contaminate water sources and spread disease. The program provides free fallen animal pickup by Bluegrass Recycling to Clark County producers so they can be disposed of properly.

Land Use Equipment

The district offers pasture renovators for lease at a reasonable fee to local and surrounding central Kentucky counties. No-till seeding of pasture and hay land reduces soil erosion, improves the quality of forages and reduces nitrogen requirements when combined with legumes.